Integrated Electronics

Integrated Electronics

Millman’s Integrated Electronics: Analog And Digital Circuits And Systems is one of the most popular books on electronic circuits, and this revised and updated edition was published by Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited in 2011.

Summary Of The Book

Written primarily for students who want to pursue and study electronic engineering, Millman’s Integrated Electronics: Analog And Digital Circuits And Systems is a helpful and comprehensive guide. First published almost four decades ago, this edition has been adapted to inculcate modern changes and developments in electronics, and has been thoroughly revised.

The book commences with a preface to this new and adapted edition. Providing recent data on technology and electronic circuits, the book is divided into nineteen comprehensive chapters. Topics like Transport Phenomena in Semiconductors, Field Effect Transistor, Stability and Oscillators and Power Circuits and Systems are discussed in great detail. An entire chapter has been dedicated to multistage and feedback amplifiers as well. Each chapter culminates in a set of practice questions for the students.

Additionally, the text contains 574 review questions, 242 solved examples, 170 objective questions and 712 homework circuit-simulation problems. A list of reference symbols is also provided at the start of the book to aid the reader’s comprehension. The book culminates with two appendices, which address different conversion factors, probable values of general physical constants, and prefixes.

Implementing enhanced pedagogy, Millman’s Integrated Electronics: Analog And Digital Circuits And Systemsis an in-depth guide for those interested in electronic circuits and technology and is designed to help the reader get a firm grasp on the subject.

Table of Contents
1. Energy Bands in Solids
2. Transport Phenomena in Semiconductors
3. Junction-Diode characteristics
4. Diode circuits
5. Transistor characteristics
6. Digital circuits
7. Integrated Circuits: Fabrication and Characteristics
8. The Transistor at low frequencies
9. Transistor biasing and Thermal stabilization
10. Field Effect Transistor
11. The Transistor at High Frequencies
12. Multistage Amplifiers
13. Feedback Amplifiers
14. Stability and Oscillators
15. Operational Amplifiers
16. Integrated Circuits as Analog System Building Blocks
17. Integrated Circuits as Digital System Building Blocks
18. Power Circuits and Systems
19. Semiconductor-Device Physics

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